The Wave Magazine

The Wave MagazineDownload What is fashion in 2020? Who’s got it and why do we think so? What makes a brand cool and what happens to its cool factor once it’s broadly distributed and/or overly discounted among the masses? Can forecasters accurately predict trends in fashion and style? How can established fashion brands reinvent themselves... Continue Reading →

Tiktok: The New Popular Culture

One of my units this semester is "Communication and Pop Culture". In this unit we are basically digging deeper into how communication and pop culture plays out in our lives today. Whether you are from the communication field or not, one of my lecturers would advise you to never look at things from a face... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Stories: H.I.M

Something ached inside me, and my muscles woke me up from unfathomable hours of unconsciousness. My insides were in chaos. A mess. Something was hurting me. Something felt so wrong, so invalid but I couldn’t tell what it was. I tried to pinpoint the cause for this unexplained pain, but my efforts bore no fruit.... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Stories: Noelle Wangari

“When the lockdown started, I was very angry. I hadn't finished my exams, yet I was just about to start my semester break. I had to cancel all the activities that I had scheduled for this long holiday. I had just launched my business which I was super excited to kick off. This was stalled... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Stories: Lynnet Mumbua

“Adjusting to the new normal has been the hardest part of this pandemic. Practicing social distancing, wearing masks, things that we thought were alien to us are now our new normal. As a social being, I can tell you it has not been the easiest of adjustments. As much as it has been a task,... Continue Reading →

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